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UX/UI Lead Designer

A yoga apparel company that was founded by Rishi Bali, a business entrepreneur born in Jaipur who believed in exposing the authenticity of yoga and its provenience to the world. The brand reflects the meticulous process of fabric fabrication – working alongside some of the most talented fabric technologists, aiming to make the most durable yet soft-to-touch breathable fabric.


How to efficiently talk to our first-time customers through our website? We needed to dive into the current online shopping experiences and create a Magento based e-commerce platform that served as the first touch point for customers. UX had to be intuitive yet elegant enough to entice exploration and curiosity. The visual language had to combine both the modern approach of the brand's dedication to fabric technology and its vibrant Indian roots.

YOGASMOGA Homepage Design


  • UX > UI > Production > Launch 

  • Scrum Agile 


Integrating products to an editorial-like experience. Informative graphics explained the quality of the fabric and design features, while products were shown through different yoga poses.


The check out experience needed to be simple and direct. Items were stored for a longer period of time than usual, and sales could be completed without registering.

Homepage visual design

Color Technology Infographics

Color Technology Infographics

Video of the live website runthrough

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