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Redefining what Education looks like outside the classroom

Project Lead, Creative Diretor

The strategy team at Vivaldi has helped McGraw Hill define their future brand positioning both at a Master Brand level and from a business unit perspective, they are moving towards a more modern, vibrant, and dynamic corporate identity. We were tasked with translating the brand positioning and narrative into a visual language and relaying that in their Brand Guidelines.



McGraw Hill is composed by four different business units: K-12, Higher Education, International and Professional, each with different sets of criteria and communication challenge.  Our real challenge was to develop a design system that could be dynamic and versatile enough to fit in every category and touch point (both digital and print), and that also spoke a unified visual language.  



We began by summoning the stakeholders to a virtual workshpp on MIRO. It was important that we all understood the  understand the current pain points of the visual brand guidelines and its assets, how often they were being used and for what purpose. Prior to the workhshop we conducted a survey to gather some examples of good and bad practice. (Click here to view the workshop results)

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