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Tidy Nest
Cleaning Services


Customer Support / Marketing

After moving away from NYC in 2016, I decided to venture into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. I did not want to waste much time sitting in the side court. “Start small, fail faster” was my motto. I wanted to start quickly and learn on the job, gaining insights and adapting to change fast.


Bangkok’s city center is densifying with many new skyscrapers rising every year which came with the high demand for in-house services like apartment cleaning.

Tidy Nest Brochure Design


A service that promotes the start of a clear mind and healthy lifestyle with a clean living space. Building and nurturing trust through instant and clear communication, team work, extra attention to details, but most importantly, constantly iterating from mistakes. 


  • Customer Service

  • Brand's Visual Language

  • Online Marketing 

  • Long Term Contract Signing

  • Staff Hiring

Tidy Nest Website Design and Social Media Concept


  • Market Research > Concept > Brand Mission > Service Design

  • Soft Skills in Leadership and Teamwork

  • Negotiation Skills

Tidy Nest Car Design
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