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good grocer

Visual Exploration


Despite the abundant flow in varieties of vegetables and tropical fruits in Thailand, the average Bangkokian’s diet choice often consists of unhealthy takeout meals or microwaved packed dishes. This is mainly due to the highly congested malls and roads during rush hours. Coming home to a home-cooked meal is often a luxury that one could only afford with a bigger household, having with the assistance of retired grandparents or live-in caretakers. But with condominiums on the rise, living spaces reduced to a mere 400 sq. ft., the need of sitting at home with a hearty meal is in a steady increase.

The main purpose of the Good Grocer is to bridge the farmers to the consumer, providing and delivering a selection of organic produce to your doorstep, making it as simple and seamless as possible for you to fire up the stove and cook yourself that home cooked meal. 

Visual Language inspired by Luigi Benedicenti's "Tarocco"

Inspired by 'Tarocco' by Luigi Benedicenti, oil on panel, 2011

The aesthetic of the brand needed to spring from the dedication, the love, the resilience that these farmers use to nurture their plants. Every light, every color, every grain of detail is taken into consideration.

The colors needed to also reflect on simpler and kinder tones. An open invitation to give yourself the time to create calming rituals at home that bring balance to the busy city life. 

Explorative Visual Mood-board

Design Process
Tote Bag Design for the GOOD Grocer
Photographic Style for the GOOD Grocer
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